Frequently asked questions

Can I specify a delivery time?

No. We can only guarantee that your flowers will be delivered between 8am and 5pm on the date of delivery. We cannot specify time of delivery.

How will I know that you have received my order?

We will email or Whatsapp you to confirm your order had been received and will supply you with your unique invoice number. You can check the progress of your order by phoning 073 2846405

Do you deliver on the weekend?

Yes, only on Saturdays. Delivery costs is an extra R50 on top of normal delivery rate

How do I cancel flowers?

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before delivery for a full refund, by phoning Forever In Bloom on 0732846405.

What are the delivery charges?

Please contact Forever in Bloom for delivery charges by phoning Forever In Bloom on 0732846405

How does temperature affect flowers?

Heat causes flowers to respire at a higher rate and so fade; the cooler the room or location they’re in, the longer they will last. However, cold or draughty conditions may cause petals to dry out too. A moderate, sheltered position is best.

Why do you say that flowers should not be placed near fruit?

As fruit ripens it gives off a gas called ethylene. Flowers do not react well to this gas and will die very quickly when exposed to it.

Why cut stems at a 45° angle?

Between the flower shop and your house, stems will dry out. By re-cutting them at an angle, you are removing dry fibre and ensuring a wide surface to take up fresh water. Putting stems into water while cutting them helps them to absorb even more water, and so stay fresh for longer.

What’s the point of flower food?

It contains three additives which nourish flowers and deter bacteria:

  • sugars to feed the blooms and encourage buds.
  • biocides to kill the fungi, yeasts and bacteria.
  • acidifiers to encourage water to rise up flowers’ stems.

Do lemonade, coins, bleach or aspirins make flowers last longer?

No. If anything, they might encourage the growth of bacteria.

payment information

Once you receive an invoice and EFT payment was made, your order will be processed.

Please note that gift vouchers purchased, must be redeemed within 6 months.

Corporate accounts

We can provide our business customers with account facilities subject to our credit terms which will be provided on request. Please contact us on 073 2846405 or at


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